"That changer arrived last Friday as promised. Like many before me who have finally wised-up and bought a changer, my days of sweating and swearing ARE OVER! I absolutely LOVE that mount / demount bar. Itís pure genius. The only change Iím gonna make is to lag it to the basement floor, as the sheet of OSB itís currently attached to flexes a bit. But man, what a solid tool. No more screwing around with irons, zip ties, home - made prying tools scratches or stupid rim protectors. It sounds insane, but I almost canít wait for my next tire change! Great product-worth every penny.

-David Lena"

Good morning, the Mount/demount bar has arrived at my address. It looks very good and I am very happy it has arrived in a very short time. I really am satisfied with your company!

Andrť Klijn

I absolutely love the Jr. Pro tire machine and balancer you sold me at the Timonium Motorcycle Show earlier this year. Never a worry about damaging the soft finish on my expensive BMW HP4 wheels.

Bill Brown

Just wanted to send you a quick note of ďAppreciationĒ for your help and guidance. I changed my tires on the í14 BMW GS and was extremely pleased with how smoothly the entire process went. Your advice on removing the old and mounting the new tire (w/ a Tire Pressure Monitor bolted to the inside of the rim) was greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for a great product and excellent support.

Rick Matousek

Your tips have turned me into a tiring changing expert. Really appreciate all your help. Excellent product. I take my Cycle Hill model with me to the races, just bolt it to the floor of my trailer. I'll probably step up and get a higher end model for my garage soon. Kind of a pain to be switching my Cycle Hill back and forth.

Xen C. Stanhope

A huge THANK YOU to both of you for allowing us to attend the Seattle show as No-Mar reps! It was indeed our pleasure to meet you both in person. So nice to see a positive company with great people behind it! Maybe that's the secret to a successful business, you think? Both of your forward-looking and entrepreneurial skill sets are serving you well.

The No-Mar tire changer is a great addition to our garage and allows us freedom to perform our tire needs in house and purchase tires from any vendor to keep our expenses manageable. Kris and I are looking forward to using our No-Mar product extensively and wanted to just say thanks!

Bruce and Kris Remy

Just got off the phone ordering a large cone set and a Tire Tamer. Weíve had our Classic for about five years, and even though weíre not currently racing, itís still one of the most important tools in our workshop. We have it in a room in the barn thatís primarily used for storage- it only takes a few minutes to get all the stuff out of that room and get it ready for tire changing. Since we donít change tires all that often, it probably takes half a day, start-to-finish, to do a set of tires, from riding the bike into the barn to riding out. Doing two sets at once takes hardly any longer. Going to the dealer for tires invariably takes a WHOLE day, and thereís nothing more exhausting and exasperating than sitting around the dealer all day on a Saturday. Doing our own tires means we watch for the sales online, so a set of tires is at least $100 cheaper than the dealer would charge, and, of course, itís at least $100 for the dealer to put them on. It takes very little time for the machine to pay for itself at that rate, and the savings are often much higher. Our rims have less scratches, and our wheels are perfectly balanced. I just bought a used BMW R1200GSA, and catching sight of my shadow, realized that the rear wheel has a terrific hop at highway speeds. Lots of shops donít bother to balance the rear wheel, and unless theyíre a BMW shop, they arenít equipped to balance a GS wheel anyway. So, Iíve ordered the large cone set, and when it arrives, Iíll have the wheel off, balanced, and back on in no time. Changing tires isnít a white-glove task, for sure, but thereís plenty of day left to get cleaned up and go for a ride, and youíve saved so much $$ you just have to go out for dinner afterward. Thanks for making tire changing accessible!


You guys are doing a great job with the quality of workmanship on your products, took out of the box WOW, they look cool, valve stem puller is an extra plus for me, three tools in one. Can't wait to try'um out, thanks again for the quick reply, you got some quality workers who pay attention to details.

Keoki in Hawaii

I've been mounting Battlax BT023s (the GT version, which has a particularly stiff carcass for 2-up loaded touring) and I'd been using a Sealey changer which I think is similar to the one sold in the USA by Harbour Freight. I used to particularly dread mounting the rear! after trying to pry the topside on, the rim would nearly always pop out of the puny clamps on the changer, and with sweat dripping down my face I'd be saying "I hate this job - I'm never doing this again!" - that's with all the swearing taken out of course :)

What a totally different experience with the Nomar Classic. I have the machine, the mount/demount bar, the yellow thing and a couple of extra hand clamps. The tyre came off and the new one went on so easy I couldn't believe I was done - and I didn't even break into a sweat. An awesome piece of kit, and your tyre changing technique videos are great! Money well spent as far as I'm concerned.

Jon Ashby from England

Hi guys. 170k miles on a 03 Honda VTX 1300. 13 sets of tires. I do my Ford Ranger truck, Ford Taurus, Pontiac Grand Prix and my kids Ford Mustang on the No-Mar Tire Changer. I have saved a boatload of money. I love it!

Phil Hartzell

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say nice job with your product. We've had it in our shop now for a few months and have probably changed 80 sets of tires and continue to be amazed at how well thought out this machine is. Nice job!

Greg Doney

I can't believe the quality of your products and your customer service! Both are first class. The products work amazing and I have not only been pleased with products I have purchased but I have been literally shocked at the service you have provided. Things came with the product I ordered I wasn't expecting, and I have to tell you that the craftsmanship is phenomenal. I am a professional mechanic and use the big brand name tools and I have to say your products are on the same level... period. Keep up the great work. Whenever I need tire tools I am buying No-Mar. No exceptions. I will also being telling all of my fellow mechanics about your products because they are economical and they work.

Joe Stanley

I have now used the new updated bead breaker and mounting blocks on about a dozen sets of tires and must say thanks again for the improvement and a wonderful product! Also the bead breaker worked great on my snow blower tire too! That and two tire irons later and the blower was operational once again. Thanks again for your wonderful invention and awesome upgrades!

Rick Johnson

You guys are good. Received my Classic changer and the build quality is excellent. Can't beat made in the USA. It is the little things that you do/did that make it a great product. The superior way in which you package for shipment down to the dab of grease you add to the knob screw hole and the addition of the blue loctite. Thanks for making a great product.

Pete Jones

As a general rule I usually don't make a special attempt to compliment a product but my experience with this product compels me to! I have been wrestling tires off and on with 12" tire irons for better than 30 years and have always dreaded the job. I needed new tires on my '04 BMW R1150RT and my dread almost sent me to the dealer until I saw a video of your Mount/De-Mount Bar. I ordered one a couple weeks ago and finally got around to putting a new front tire on my bike and I can honestly say that I'm impressed! I barely broke a sweat and your tire lube paste/cream allowed the beads to pop and seat with less than 20psi!

I used this bar with the Harbor Freight tire changer and although the HF machine is taller than yours the mount/demount bar still worked like a dream. I may "shorten" my HF changer by about a foot but even with it so "tall" I still had no problems changing the tire. Kudos!

Justin Bowser

I just had to email you to let you know how great I think your No-Mar Tire Changer is. I've been using your product for over a year and a half and it has always been easy to use. Last week I ordered some needed supplies from you and I decided to purchase the Mount/Demount Bar Handle just to give it a try. Well I just completed mounting a new pair of Dunlop Qualifiers on my ZX-12R using the new bar handle attachment and I have to say it doesn't get any better or easier to mount tires on a wheel. It used to take me between 5 to 10 minutes to get a Dunlop rear tire mounted on the wheel. The front tire took about 2 minutes tops. Today while using the bar handle attachment it only took seconds to mount each tire while using less effort. I really didn't think using a handle on the bar would make such a big difference but it does. Good Job on making a great product even better!

Anthony Thomas

Just as thought I would have to take my bike tire to the shop to have it changed my order arrived. I can't tell you how pleased I am to spend money on a product that works as advertised. I mananged to change my front tire while on a cell phone talking to my girlfriend with the Classic Model not even bolted down. (Dont worry...I wouldn't hold you liable! LOL).


I just want to relay my story to you and Steve. Wednesday night I was less than happy after struggling to get my rear Goldwing tire mounted unsuccessfully for the 2nd evening in a row. I had already used my No-Mar changer on my CBR 1000RR earlier in the summer before I went to Hallet with STLAR and was pleased with it's performance. The Goldwing is an entirely different tire changing experience, and I was convinced Bridgestone had marked my tire incorrectly and it was the wrong size. I am always convinced of this when I change tires on the wing.

I am no stranger to changing my own tires. I had 2 Harbor Freight setups before purchasing the No-Mar and I broke both of them during a GW rear tire mount. With my Jr Pro model, I was not concerned with breaking the machine, but I was still not having the success I had hoped for.

My wife works only a couple of blocks from your shop so I asked her to give you guys a call and find out what I was doing wrong. She said you answered the phone when she called and before she could get much further than saying I was struggling with the wing tire, you got my cell phone number from her and told her someone would call me to come out and show me how to do it properly. When my wife called me and told me this, I was impressed, but still somewhat skeptical.

Within a few minutes, Steve called me and set up an appointment for 7:30 that very evening, even though I know your office hours end well before then. Again I was impressed. When I got home, there were 2 gentlemen waiting for me, and I am horrible with names and do not remember their's, but they were extremely patient and helpful. The mounted my rear tire, going slowly and answering my questions. Then they demounted my tire and made sure I knew how to do that as well. They then proceeded to clean the rim and wipe down all the lube from the tire and mounted it again -- just to make sure I understood and was comfortable with the process. I don't know how long they were at my house, but they were there for however long I needed. There was no rushing and just trying to get out of there, they were genuinely interested in making sure I was 100% satisfied and completely understood the whole process.

All I can say is, wow! You could not purchase better advertising than what you will receive from me. Less than 24 hours later and I am thrilled with my tire changer again. I have already told everyone that cares to listen, what great customer service you offer AFTER the sale. I'd be hard pressed to name another company small or gigantic, that pays this much attention to their customer and their satisfaction.

You guys have a customer for life! Keep up the good work and you'll have more business than you can handle.

Duane Kiser

I just ordered the Junior Pro Ultimate kit, and I'm really looking forward to it. I wanted to let you know that besides the fact that the product looks very good, a deciding factor for me was your video training. I've already gone through it, and it's just great. You really differentiate yourselves over the competition with this.

As a teenager (too long ago to think about), I mastered tire changing and mounting with powered equipment, but I wondered how the manual tools would work out. Your videos answered that question very well, and gave me confidence that I will be happy with my purchase. Motorcycle tire changing is a huge hassle - all the things you mention - take the wheels off, drive somewhere, wait for them to get to it, get your new tires and newly scratched rims back. I ride a lot, and seem to have uncannilly bad luck with picking up screws and nails, so it seems like I'm doing this all the time. This was the only missing piece in being able to do it myself, and I'm convinced you have the best solution out there.

Jeff Kufalk

Once again I want to thank you for the best customer service. I wanted to ask you if you would mind me posting on my BMW site... I just want them to know that your company is the only company when it comes to tire changing equipment. We talk about NoMar all the time on the site.