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Cycle hill Tire Changer

Cycle Hill

For the occasional tire change. Intended for home use only. Ideal for Dirt Bike, ATV, Harley Davidson, and Vintage wheels. Will work on all wheels however it is not as ergonomic and the Standard No-Mar tire changers. Clamps wheels well but limited clamping pressure is understood with the smallest frame arm structure. Scratch-proof Bead Breaker and Roll-On Base are accessories. High Praises by "Motorcycle Consumer News" 2011.

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Classic Model Tire Changer

Classic Model

Re-designed Model! for all Normal size motorcycle wheels and average size automotive wheels. Some accessories may be necessary for Cruisers, Dirt bikes and ATV tires. Options: Hitch-mount, Roll-On Base, ATV bead breaker, Posi-Clamps, Spoonbars, Xtra hand clamps. Designed for All Standard, Sport, and Sport Touring wheels. Commercial grade. Now with New articulating head and Pro style breaker arm. This has High Praise by " Motorcyclist Magazine, Cycleworld, Sport Bike Rider" for over 11yrs.

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CH200 Model Tire Changer


New Product! Expanded range over the Classic model. Includes more accessories that come standard, Bead breaker located on floor. CH200 is Ideal for Heavy Cruisers like GL1800- Harley Davidson and also perfect for Dirt bikes, ATV, Sport, and Sport Touring. Will also work on smaller Automotive and truck tires and the changer is Commercial Grade.

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Pro Model Tire Changer

Pro Model

This new patented design features additional an standard front mounted ATV bead breaker and platen block at ground level in addition to waist level Scratch-proof Bead-breaker! This Extra Heavy Duty Commercial grade manual tire changer can handle just about anything you can throw at it! 7 inch to 24 inch wheel capacity, will fit up to 44" OD tire (Clamps up to 30" wheels with Posi Clamps turned reverse direction). 40 inch bead breaker arm for maximum leverage and Coil Spring support for easy bar adaptability. New Center Post with Spring assist allows for Quicker adjustment and even better control.

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**We recommend when mounting any White Colored No-Mar tire changer, CH200 and Cycle Hill Professional unit, to rotate the unit 45 degrees "Clockwise" with overhead arms in back position. For Classic, CH200 and Cycle Hill Professional or Arm swing to left 90 degrees on Jr. Pro and Pro models, while maintaining at least two inches from wall to mark placement of Floor mount bolt holes prior to drilling to ensure proper wall clearance and machine positioning. By rotating the unit 45 degrees it gives the operator clearance for their body between the Mount/ Demount bar and the wall while beginning to install the second half of the tire with the M/D bar otherwise the operator will be tempted to use the bar incorrectly and may never get the tool to function as it was designed.