No-Mar Tire Changers building
No-Mar Tire Changer Factory Entrance - Saint Louis, Missouri


We established No-Mar Enterprises LLC in 2005 to manufacture and market our unique tire changing tools and equipment developed, patented, and trademarked by Stephen C. Nemish Jr.

Our brands include No-Mar™, Cycle Hill™, motoLift™ and MotoTireUSA™.

Our slogan "Stop Scratching Your Wheels!" has been the driving force and passion behind all of our designs.

Over the years newer and improved designs, brands and patented tools have been added to our tire changing system. Our current tire changer line has been designed to be upgradeable and expandable, allowing customers to add capabilities and features to their machines as their needs grow. In addition, we maintain a large inventory of parts to continue to support every customer from our very first to our most recent!

Some of our more popular patented products include our Mount/Demount Bar, Posi-Clamp® wheel lock system, Locking Cam and Dogged Block wheel lock system, Large Balancing Cone Set for Single-Sided Swingarm Wheels, SpoonBar® non-marring tire irons and numerous other products.

As motorcycle enthusiasts first, we are continually developing unique tire tools and products with our primary focus on the motorcycle industry, however many other sectors benefit as well. Our extensive knowledge and experience in product design, CNC machining, prototyping and production allow us to provide a complete and cost-effective solution to local customers seeking a small run of parts, or tens of thousands of parts.

Our corporate headquarters, manufacturing and distribution facility is located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. We source 99% of our raw materials from U.S. suppliers, including steel, aluminum, castings, plastics, chemicals, and more. No-Mar™ products are manufactured entirely in our St. Louis plant, with the exception of some finishing processes such as powder coating and plating which are provided by local partners. Some of our machines run twenty four hours per day producing millions of individual parts annually.

Our sales model is primarily focused on factory-direct sales, via our website, telesales, and eBay store. We do not utilize a conventional dealer distribution channel, although we do offer a selection of our products through the Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties dealer network.

As of January 1, 2024, we estimate over 27,000 No-Mar™ Tire Changers in service worldwide, plus millions of re-useable spoke wheel weights and other tools.


Steve Nemish

Steve Nemish


Sue Lakebrink-Nemish

Sue Lakebrink-Nemish


Jeffrey Wheat

Jeff Wheat

Operations Manager