Waist-High Bead Breaking Upgrade Kit

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Add waist-high bead breaking to your CH100 HD+ (Plus) or CH200 Tire Changer. The kit will allow you to affordably expand your CH100 HD+ model to change most any motorcycle tire out there! Perfect for small shops and serious enthusiasts with multiple bikes who don't have the room for our full size Professional Model. This kit upgrades your CH100HD+ to a Classic HD Tire Changer, or your CH200 model to a CH200 Professional!

Upgrade your CH100 HD+ Tire Changer to a Classic HD by adding waist-high bead breaking and our patented locking Cam and Dog Block wheel clamping system! This clamping system allows for quick clamping of most sport bike/sport touring wheels, and also serves as the press plate for breaking beads at waist-height. Also works with ALL CH200 models!

  • Our patented UHMW polyethylene locking Cam & Dog Blocks
  • Heavy Duty waist-high bead breaker arm and hardware
*Pictured Scratch-Proof Bead Breaker Tee is for illustration ONLY and is not included in this kit unless you select to add it from the drop-down.

Important Upgrade Notes:

  • This upgrade ONLY works with Cycle Hill CH100 HD+ models (including CH100 HD models which have been already been upgraded to Plus models with the our optional overhead arm kit).
  • You MUST HAVE an OVERHEAD ARM ASSEMBLY on your tire changer for this upgrade to work.
  • This upgrade IS COMPATIBLE with ALL CH200 models, whether orange or white w/black.
  • This upgrade WILL NOT WORK with older BLUE or ORANGE Cycle Hill/CH100 models.

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