XtraHand® Clamp Tire Bead Depressor Tool

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When you need a third or fourth hand, this much needed tool helps hold even the toughest tires. Sold individually. We recommend having 3 for the tough tires.
Our XtraHand® Clamp Bead Depressor Tool holds the tire bead below the rim flange on your wheel for fast, scratch-free tire removal!

It helps keep the tire in the drop center relief valley of the wheel for easy demounting.

It's just like having an extra hand (or two, or three)!

With its super-rubberized coating, non-marring tip, and steel frame, our heavy duty tool works with most tubeless motorcycle and automotive wheels, while protecting them from scratches!

It makes demounting tires much easier, especially by yourself! Consider buying 3 for those extra stiff sidewall tires. Our patented Mount/Demount bar will help ensure scratch-free tire changes!

The XtraHand® is designed to aid in tire demounting/removal only! It should not be used as a bead keeper. See our YellowThing® Bead Keeper Tool, which keeps the bead from creeping and makes mounting tires a breeze!

NOT RECOMMENDED with Gold Wing GL1800, knobby tires, or most Harley-Davidson. It can fit on large BMW GS wheels but should not be necessary.

Limited Warranty
The rubberized coating on all XtraHand® Clamps is warrantied for the lifetime of the tool. Replacements are warrantied for 90 days.

The remainder of the XtraHand® Clamp is warrantied for 90 days from date of purchase. Damage/breakage caused by improper use (including using the tool with a pneumatic or powered tire machine) is not covered under warranty.