Hitch Mount

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Make your Tire Changer portable, or avoid anchoring it to the ground by using your vehicle as the anchor!
New for 2019, now compatible with al*l HD model tire changers (*SEE NOTE)!

Makes your tire changer portable and is a great alternative if you can't secure it to a concrete floor!


  • Fits 2-Inch Class III & IV receivers only
  • Perfect for track days and road trips
  • Allows locking your changer to your vehicle for added security using an locking hitch receiver pin (not included)
  • Convenient mounting if you don't want to drill into your garage floor, your vehicle acts as the supporting anchor

  • Compatible with all 2009+ Classic, Classic HD, and Jr. Pro models
  • NOW WORKS WITH with all 2019+ Cycle Hill HD, Cycle Hill HD+, and CH200HD models (white/black vein color)*
    • *NOTE: You will need a stand-alone bead breaker such as the BeadBuster XB-455 or similar if you haven't upgraded to waist-high bead breaking for these CH/HD models
  • WILL NOT work with original style Cycle Hill (CH100) or CH200 model tire changers (blue or orange color)

We have heard from a few owners of Toyota trucks who report that the hitch mount is a very tight fit in their 2-Inch receiver, and have had to grind off the powder coating to make it fit because the Toyota receiver is slightly under-sized. All other OEM and aftermarket 2-Inch receivers we have tested fit perfectly.

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