SpoonBar 16" Non-Marring Tire Spoon/Tire Iron

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16-inch SpoonBar® Tire Spoon with replaceable non-marring tips!

Our SpoonBars® come with with integrated non-marring rim protector tips and were originally designed to install Goldwing tires with ease while protecting the wheels. Also works great on BMW GS series wheels, many automotive wheels, or any wheels with a shallow drop-center or extra stiff sidewall tires.

They work well on all:
  • Heavy Cruisers (Standard and Metric)
  • Large Sport
  • Sport Touring
  • ADV
Our specially formulated non-marring tips are designed to stretch and deform before breaking to prevent damage to your wheels. Replacement tips are readily available: Replacement Parts

Check out our videos to see them in use: No-Mar Video Library

This is for a single SpoonBar®. Pairs are available at https://www.nomartirechanger.com/ac-sb16set.html


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the design and nature of our SpoonBars®, we cannot offer any kind of warranty on the bars or tips. Please remember to watch our videos and take "small bites" of the tire you are mounting with our SpoonBars® and you should enjoy long life from the bars and tips.

We stopped making 21-inch 
SpoonBars® in 2015 as too many people were trying to use them to stretch tires on to the wheel (pro tip: tires don't stretch!) and bending the bar.  If you've seen one of our videos mentioning 21" SpoonBars® (Gold Wing rear tires for example), you can use these 16" SpoonBars® in their place, you may just need a set of four instead of two.  Please don't call to ask about 21" SpoonBars®, we don't have any and will not be making them again.

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