Accessory Supply Pack

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Our most popular supplies, accessories, and spare parts in a single kit!
The No-Mar Supply Pack. Designed to give you everything you need from the start.

  • Adhesive Wheel Weights: Weights are easy to use 'peel and stick'. Includes 5 Pack of strips (12pcs per strip -- that's 60 individual 5 gram/1/4 oz. weights). Silver/Gray color.
  • Non-Marring Weight Scraper: This handy and durable tool aids in getting self adhesive weights off your wheels without damaging the finish. Made for the same high quality plastic that is used on our changers.
  • Spoke Weight Sample Pack: Includes 6 of our re-useable spoke weights in various sizes and an Allen wrench. May be Brass or Chrome depending on availability.
  • Rubber Snap-In Valve Stems: Includes 6 "Pull-in-Place" short rubber valve stems. Fits all standard and Japanese wheels with 10mm valve stem openings. Will not fit European 8mm style unless you enlarge the opening.
  • Valve Stem Core Wrench: Standard 4-way valve core wrench.
  • Valve Stem Cable Tool: Use to insert a new stem into your rim with flexible cable for pulling valve through rim hole. Contains valve core screwdriver and deflator.
  • Demount Tips: Includes [2] replacement DEMOUNT TIPS for the No-Mar Mount/Demount Bar.
  • YellowThing: Bead Keeper