Accessory Supply Pack

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Our most popular supplies, accessories, and spare parts in a single kit!
The No-Mar Supply Pack. Designed to give you everything you need from the start.

  • Adhesive Wheel Weights: Weights are easy to use 'peel and stick'. Includes 5 Pack of strips (12pcs per strip -- that's 60 individual 5 gram/1/4 oz. weights). Silver/Gray color.
  • Spoke Weight Sample Pack: Includes 6 of our re-useable spoke weights in various sizes and an Allen wrench. May be Brass or Chrome depending on availability.
  • Rubber Snap-In Valve Stems: Includes 6 "Pull-in-Place" short rubber valve stems. Fits all standard and Japanese wheels with 10mm valve stem openings. Will not fit European 8mm style unless you enlarge the opening.
  • Valve Stem Core Wrench: Standard 4-way valve core wrench.
  • Valve Stem Cable Tool: Use to insert a new stem into your rim with flexible cable for pulling valve through rim hole. Contains valve core screwdriver and deflator.
  • Demount Tips: Includes [2] replacement DEMOUNT TIPS for the No-Mar Mount/Demount Bar.
  • YellowThing: Bead Keeper

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