Tool Collar for No-Mar Tire Changers

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Keep your tire changing tools and supplies together and attached to your tire changer with our handy Tool Collar!

The tool collar attaches to your back post in place of your existing upper stop collar and is designed to conveniently hold:

  • Tire Lube Paste Pint
  • Spray Bottle
  • XtraHand® Clamps
  • Tire gauge
  • Valve core wrench
  • YellowThing®
  • Mount/Demount Bar
Includes a 3" SpoonBar® bolt so you can turn the stop collar that the tool collar will replace into a SpoonBar® collar!


PRO TIP: You can install a valve stem with no core in one of the holes on the tool collar, and then you have a place to put valve cores for safe keeping while working on tires!

Great addition to Classic and Jr. Pro models. Can also be used as a replacement part on CH200, Cycle Hill HD Plus, and Cycle Hill Deluxe Upper Arm models.

IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. Tool Collars are only available in our current White/Black Vein powder coat color. 2. Actual product shape/design may vary slightly from photos.

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