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YellowThing® Bead Keeper Tool

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The YellowThing® is our super rubberized bead keeper tool.

The coating and special design prevents the tire bead from creeping when mounting the top bead and protects the wheel from scratches.

Bead creep is when part of the tire that you have already mounted under the lip of the wheel "creeps" back up and becomes demounted while you're mounting another part of the tire (usually 90-180 degrees away). Without something to stop the bead from creeping, you can find yourself literally going in circles trying to mount the tire! Some tires are more prone to creep than others.

  • Easily clips in place with one hand - handy as hell!
  • Use with our patented Mount/Demount bar to ensure scratch-free tire installation
  • Can be used with most tire spoons, tire irons, etc.
  • Solid steel core weighs nearly 2 lbs and is very durable
Made in USA!

Don't be fooled by the cheaper imported and/or un-coated knock-offs!

Application Notes:
a. The YellowThing® is primarily a Bead Keeper, but in a pinch it can be used as a Bead Depressor to help keep the bead of the tire in the drop center of the wheel. If you need a Bead Depressor, consider our XtraHand® Clamps or Bead Depressor Blocks.
b. The YellowThing® may not fit all wheels. Forcing the YellowThing® on to a wheel it doesn't fit may cause the coating to tear and risks damage to the wheel.
c. Sliding the YellowThing® during or after installation may result in scratching the wheel or damaging the coating.
d. Exposing the YellowThing® coating to gasoline or diesel fuel, brake parts cleaner or other fluids, chemicals and solvents commonly found in most garages can cause the rubber coating to break down.
e. Please see our Video Library for proper use.
f. Always inspect the YellowThing® to ensure coating is clean, intact and free of debris before installing on a wheel. If coating becomes damaged, see our warranty policy below.

Limited Warranty: The rubberized coating on all YellowThing® Tools is warrantied for the lifetime of the tool.

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