Monster Wheel Balancer

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Our Heavy Duty Monster Balancer will handle wheels up to 360 wide, including automotive* and light truck* wheels.

  • Extremely stable static wheel balance, accurate to 1/16th oz
  • Comes with our Monster Cone Set with 5/8" Threaded Rod for passenger cars & light trucks
  • Additional Balancer Cone & Rod Options Available depending on your needs, just select which cone sets you want!
  • Dimensions 23.5" inches tall x 27.75" inches wide x 13" inches width at feet.
  • Accommodates up to a 36" tall tire**
Upgrades are available if you are interested in a Tire Changer package that includes a standard balancer, please call us for details!

* Because this is a static wheel balancer designed for wheel weights to be installed along the centerline of the wheel and not the edges, lateral (side-to-side) variances in balance across a much larger contact patch than most motorcycles can result in some automotive wheel and tire combinations being difficult or impossible to completely balance.  This is especially true when dealing with wheels that are not completely true, and/or tires with uneven wear patterns, repair plugs/patches, other defects, etc.

** Maximum recommended weight is 45 lbs.

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