Standard Balancing Cones (1/PR) With Rod

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Hard anodized aluminum wheel balance cones work with most standard front and rear (conventional swingarm) motorcycle wheels, and 18" smooth stainless steel balancer rod works with most static motorcycle wheel balancers.

Standard wheel balancing cone set with brass set screws securely attach to included precision-ground 1/2 inch steel axle rod.

Our cones are precision-CNC manufactured from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum which is then hard anodized with a U.S. 'MIL-SPEC' MIL-A-8625F TYPE III CLASS 2 coating to ensure long life and durability.

These work perfectly for most front and rear (conventional swingarm) motorcycle wheels.

Includes Allen wrench.

Cones measure approximately .585" to 1.22" (15mm to 31mm).

For single-sided swingarm rear wheels, please see our Large Balancing Cone Set.

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