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YellowThing Tire Tool YellowThing® Bead Keeper Tool

Worlds Best and most popular motorcycle tire bead-keeper tool. Super Rubberized coating protects your wheels while preventing your tire from creeping during installation.

Our Price: $39.95
XtraHand Clamp XtraHand® Clamp Tire Tool

When you need a third or fourth hand, this much needed tool helps hold even the toughest tires.  Sold individually.  We recommend having 3 for the tough tires.

Our Price: $39.95
One pint of No-Mar Tire lube paste concentrate which is water soluble used for Mounting tires Tire Lube Paste [1 Pint Jar]


Our Price: $19.95
Tire Lube Paste [7lb Tub] Tire Lube Paste [7lb Tub]


Our Price: $49.95
Classic Model Motorcycle Tire Changer Classic HD
Motorcycle Tire Changer

Our most popular model is the perfect solution to make all your Sport Bike and Sport-Touring tire changes a breeze—at home, at the shop, or at the track! Our Next Generation Tire Changer has a heavy duty stand, increased outside diameter capacity up to 34 inches, and a heavy duty bead breaker arm! Expandable! Now you can add an ATV bead breaker at ground level for those tough to break beads, or make your changer portable with a trailer Hitch Mount.

Our Price: $649.00
Classic Model Tire Changer Ultimate Package Classic HD
Motorcycle Tire Changer Kit
*Ultimate Package*

Complete your tire changes with a precision balance for the best ride quality and maximum tire life! The Ultimate Package adds our Wheel Balancer along with our most popular accessories for a convenient Mount and Balance Package! Includes a YellowThing® bead keeper tool; three of our XtraHand® Clamp bead depressor tools, a starter kit of adhesive wheel weights, a non-marring weight scraper, and a valve stem core wrench to round out our most popular tire changer package!

Our Price: $899.00
Classic Model Tire Changer Works Package Classic HD
Motorcycle Tire Changer Kit
*The Works Package*

"Give me everything I need!"  A $1300+ Value, our Classic HD Tire Changer with "The Works" includes both of our patented wheel clamping systems, our Wheel Balancer, along with the largest selection of our most popular tools and accessories needed for the widest range of tire mounting/demounting and balancing! This is the same package we use in all of our live demos and rallies, and is the perfect choice for both the discriminating hobbyist and the local shop!

Our Price: $1,099.00
Cycle Hill Tire Changer Cycle Hill® HD
Motorcycle Tire Changer

Our most economical model has been improved! Now more rigid with a Heavy Duty stand and stronger 2" x 2" frame! Perfect for occasional tire changes. Works great with street bikes, dirt bikes, ATV, and vintage style wheels. Expandable and upgradeable! As your needs grow or change, you can add an overhead arm accessory, or even upgrade it all the way to a Classic HD!

Our Price: $449.00
Cycle Hill 100 + Tire Changer Cycle Hill® HD Plus
Motorcycle Tire Changer

Need more leverage for those more difficult tire changes? Cycle Hill HD Plus adds our fully articulating overhead arm assembly with center post to provide maximum leverage for mounting and demounting those stubborn tires! Use for street bikes, dirt bikes, ATV, Side-by-Sides, trailers and more! Upgradeable to a Classic HD with the addition of our waist-high bead breaking kit and scratch-proof bead breaker!

Our Price: $549.00
Cycle Hill 100 + Tire Changer Adventure Package
Motorcycle Tire Changer Kit

Our Newest Mount and Balance Package for Adventure Bike Enthusiasts! Includes a Cycle Hill® HD Plus Tire Changer, Wheel Balancer, and a customized accessory kit including tire spoons, a YellowThing® bead keeper tool, and MORE—all specially selected to make changing adventure tires a breeze. Our patented Large Balancer Cone Set rounds out the package for balancing those single-sided swingarm rear wheels!

Our Price: $899.00
Professional Model Tire Changer Professional
Motorcycle Tire Changer

Are you a Professional motorcycle mechanic or shop who cares about your customers?  Maybe you're an enthusiast with a lot of different bikes or you just want the very best for yourself. Our Professional Tire Changer is all you will ever need! This Extra Heavy Duty manual tire changer can handle just about anything you can throw at it! Motorcycles, ATV's, Side-by-Side, Cars, Trucks, Trailers, and more are possible with the Professional model! It can even change up to 33-inch tires with our optional Monster Frame upgrade!

Our Price: $1,395.00
Professional Model Tire Changer - Ultimate Package Professional
Motorcycle Tire Changer Kit
*Ultimate Package*

Complete your full-service Professional Mounting and Balancing needs with our Ultimate Package! It adds all the usual extras to maximize value, plus it includes our Wheel Balancer along with small, medium and our patented large balancer cone sets, a selection of adhesive wheel weights, a non-marring weight scraper tool, and a starter pack of our re-useable spoke weights for the Ultimate in precision balancing and appearance!

Our Price: $1,695.00
Mount / Demount Bar Mount / Demount Bar
for Motorcycle Tires

The world's first, truly non-marring Mount/Demount bar with replaceable tips developed by No-Mar over 15 years ago. Our patented bar is the perfect accessory for any manual tire changer used for changing motorcycle or automotive tires without scratching your wheels! This is the one all the imitators try to copy!


Our Price: $149.95
Posi-Clamps Posi-Clamp® Wheel Clamping System

Posi-Clamps® for Heavy Cruisers, Dirt-bikes, BMW GS-Series, ADV and ATV Wheels

Our Price: $165.00
Hitchmount for All Classic & previous Jr. Pro models Hitch Mount

Make your Tire Changer portable, or avoid anchoring it to the ground by using your vehicle as the anchor!
New for 2019, now compatible with al*l HD model tire changers (*SEE NOTE)!

Our Price: $69.95
SpoonBar 16 inch Tire Tool Set SpoonBar® 16" Non-Marring
Tire Spoon/Tire Iron Set

A pair of our SpoonBar® Tire Spoons with replaceable non-marring tips!

Our Price: $69.95
Tool Collar for No-Mar Motorcycle Tire Changers Tool Collar for No-Mar Tire Changers

Keep your tire changing tools and supplies together and attached to your tire changer with our handy Tool Collar!

Our Price: $34.95
Supply Pack Accessory Supply Pack

Our most popular supplies, accessories, and spare parts in a single kit!

Our Price: $99.95