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Gift Certificates Stop&Go Patch Kit Slime Tubeless-8oz
Stop&Go Patch Kit
Our Price: $6.95
Slime Tubeless-8oz
Our Price: $7.95
Looking for the perfect gift?  Look no more! Now you can get the perfect gift for any enthusiast; from the worlds finest  Scratch Proof Tire Changers to unique accessories, to supplies - we have it all.  And now, so do you! Economy patch kit
Tire Sealant 8oz
Slime Tube Type-8oz Stop&Go Automatic Tire Inflation Kit Stop&Go TIRE PLUGS REFILL
Slime Tube Type-8oz
Our Price: $7.95
Tire Sealant 8oz

CO2 Tire replacement cartridges

(25) 5/16" dia. x 3/4" L Mushroom Plugs
Slime Tube Type-16oz Slime Tubeless-24oz Stop&Go TIRE PLUGS REFILL
Slime Tube Type-16oz
Our Price: $10.95
Slime Tubeless-24oz
Our Price: $13.95
Tire Sealant 16 oz Tire Sealant 24 oz (50) 5/16" dia. x 3/4" L Mushroom Plugs
Slime Tubeless-32oz Stop&Go T-Handle Tire repair Kit Stop&Go Automatic Tire Inflation Kit
Slime Tubeless-32oz
Our Price: $17.95
Tire Sealant 32oz.
ant 32 oz
  • Sometimes tubeless tires can sustain damage that is beyond the ability of a mushroom plug
  • A tear from jagged items can require the use of what is known as a string or rope plug
  • Kit includes 20 brown rubber reinforced inserts (each 4" long), sturdy T-handle reamer, T-handle insertion tool, tube of rubber cement, retractable razor blade, repair instructions and a durable zippered canvas bag
  • Kit measures 5" x 2" x 6" and weighs only 11 oz.

CO2 Tire Inflation Kit

Stop&Go Scooter Kit 03640034 Tire Tamer Stop&Go Pocket Tire Plugger
Tire Tamer
Our Price: $26.95
  • Includes six rubber patches, a tube of rubber cement and a thumb buffer to repair and secure patch to the tire, four CO2 canisters to fully re-inflate the tire, as well as waterless hand cleaner and a paper towelette for quick hand cleaning
  • Once the repair is complete, it takes only a few of the 16-gram CO2 canisters to fully re-inflate the tire

NOTE: CO2 cartridges cannot be transported on an aircraft.

Save your time and your knuckles.

Pocket Tire Plugger For All Tubeless Tires.

Stop&Go Motorcycle & ATV Kit Stop&Go Pocket Tire Plugger Stop&Go Tubeless Puncture Pilot Kit
Stop&Go Pocket Tire Repair Kit TT/ TL
List Price: $36.95
Our Price: $33.95
You save $3.00!
Stop&Go Mini Compressor
List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $34.95
You save $5.04!
  • Kit contains everything to make a speedy repair of tubeless ATV tires while still on the rim: split-eye tool, five plugs, CO2 canisters, rubber cement and adapter, all in a handy zippered pouch
  • Simply push the repair plug straight into the puncture and pull the tool straight out; plug material is extremely pliable, so trimming is an option
  • Each CO2 canister provides 8-9 lb. of inflation at 850 psi; that means each of these canisters will fully inflate an ATV, golf cart, rider mower or utility vehicle tire

NOTE: CO2 cartridges cannot be transported on an aircraft.

Pocket Tire Plugger For Tube and Tubeless Tires.

  • Portable 12V compressor measures only 4" x 2" x 6" and weighs just 14 oz.
  • Features a built-in LED light and 0-120 psi gauge
  • 4" tire valve hose; 66" power cord
  • 12" extension alligator clips; 36" extension lighter adapter
  • Includes sports needle adapter, inflatable adapter, complete instructions and rugged zippered carry case
Stop&Go Tire Plugger w/ Insertion Gun Stop N Go Bead Breaker Stop&Go TIRE PLUGS REFILL
Stop&Go Bead Breaker
Our Price: $39.95
Stop&Go TIRE Permanent Patch Plugs
List Price: $45.95
Our Price: $41.95
You save $4.00!
Stop&Go tire plugger Kit with gun
The Tire Bead Breaker can be disassembled for easier portability.

Consists of (6) Patch/Plugs. Thumb Buffer, .68 Fl. Oz. (20cc) Tube of Rubber Cement, & Instructions. Patch diameter is 2" (5 cm).

Slime Mini Compressor Stop&Go Pocket Tire Plugger w/ C02 System Stop&Go Tubeless Puncture Pilot Kit
Slime Mini Compressor
Our Price: $42.95
Mini Compressor Kit The STOP-N-GO easily repairs flat tubeless tires.
  • Ideal for motorcycles, scooters, mowers, small tractors, golf carts and ATVs with TUBELESS tires
  • Kit allows you to make an on-the-wheel repair to your tubeless tire and re-inflate it on the spot
  • Includes the Pocket Tire Plugger with 15 mushroom-shaped rubber plugs and the compact mini air compressor
  • Mushroom plugs measure 5/16" diameter shaft x 3/4" in length and work on all tubeless tires
  • Kit fits into a durable zippered canvas case that measures only 7" x 4" x 3" and weighs just 1.7 lbs
  • 12 Volt compressor unit features built-in gauge and LED Light, 66" power cord that fits Battery Tender connectors, 12" alligator extension clips, 36" extension lighter adapter and 4" tire valve hose with sports needle and inflatable adapter  
BeadBuster XB-455- Tool
BeadBuster XB-455- Tool
Our Price: $109.99
Awesome tool for breaking the bead on problematic wheels.