Moto Lift orange motorcycle lift table
Moto Lift orange motorcycle lift table

Moto Lift Motorcycle Lift [Orange]

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1200lb Lift Table with Ramp
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Moto Lift ML-12 Pneumatic Powersports service Lift by No-Mar. All new for 2024, our ML-12 scissor lift was designed by mechanics, for mechanics. We have used many brands of lift over the past 20 years and have now developed our own, re-engineering the quirks and deficiencies of other brands to our own higher standards and innovative design. 
Designed to be your favorite lift.
 •These new lifts feature our unique E-Track connector points to make tie down stabilization fast, easy, and where you want it.   
  •Utilizes common automotive “Goodyear” Air Spring technology to quickly raise and lower the lift without the maintenance frustration and hassle of leaky seals. Replacement part is available through our factory support center or your local automotive parts store. 
•Heavy 11ga steel deck height is as low as 8” off floor up to 41.5” top stop setting. 
Maintenance free super reinforced scissor frame for reduced flex and twist under heavy loads. Black textured powder coating. 
•Heavy load sealed ball bearings glide easily in tracks 
•Five position automatic safety lock device was designed to be easier to use than other designs. Device resets near the bottom of the landing stroke automatically, and will settle into pre-set height stop positions with ease and confidence on the way up.
*5 year warranty on all steel parts and air spring. 

• Our popular and robust Wheel Vise accessory (ML-WV) is made from heavy 1/8” wall, laser cut tubing with ultra rigid mounting. Textured black powder coating with heavy foam pads at wheel clamp surface. High quality, heavy internal drive screw with thrust bearings makes the wheel clamping more dynamic.

•Standard color is Super Durable: Gray. Orange, and Red                       Special colors three unit minimum -Upcharge may apply. 

•Removable rear wheel drop plate for extra wide tires 12.5” clearance 

•Two-way, high flow, pneumatic foot pedal control with air exhaust silencer for absolute positioning. 

•Extra-long removable 12 ga steel reinforced ramp, so you don’t drag the low stuff! 

*Double Phenolic wheels (4) are much safer for floors and carry literally a “ton” of weight 

•There are standard and extra wide settings so you can back that bike in and clamp a wide rear tire.   

•Stationary mount brackets allow you to secure the non-moving leg to a floor (if desired not required) 

**Ask us if you qualify for our FREE 60 day trial offer!!

You have absolute control with the foot pedal air valve. The locking device easily swings into the home position and stays there without drama utilizing a unique double sprung ball detent catch system. Use your hand or toe to manually release it forward or backward. Stop heights: 8” (ground lowered height), 27.5”, 32”, 35.5”, 38.5”, 41.5” *Deck dimension: Large 84” x 28 ¼” with pre cut holes for our universal Wheel vise assembly.•We incorporate a subframe reinforcement under the lift deck for very rigid surface that can handle center stands and frame jacks without bending.

*5 year warranty on steel parts and air spring component. 

•OPTIONAL: side extension kit is available for three and four wheel applications. This adds 10” on each side of the lift deck for a 48 ¼” x 84” deck work space. Set screw system holds it all together. •••SIDE EXTENSION KIT SOLD SEPARATELY•••

Specifications Capacity: 1350lbs (140-165psi) with 150lb side extensions attached. See Air Source description below.

Length: 84”

Width: 28 ¼”

Max Height: 41 ½”

Min Height: 8”

Work Surface: 84” x 28 ¼’ 11ga steel (1/8")

Air Source: 100psi to 165psi.

Note: This unit requires high pressure shop air supply for maximum lift. Example: 100psi will Lift up to 800 lbs, 120 psi will lift up to 1000 lb, 140 to 165 psi will lift up to 1200 lbs including the deck extension accessory kit.

DATA: Our lifts have been tested up to 1500 lbs load @ 170 psi without breakage. With 1450 lbs test load at 165psi, the air spring will no longer raise without assistance. We recommend at least a 5 gallon air accumulation tank for maximum air volume or you may need to let your small tank compressor catch up.

***Most motorcycles weigh less than 800 lbs***

Ramp Length: 38” for low vehicles

Weight: ML-12 =500 lbs (535lbs with Wheel Vise accessory) (Add 150lbs for side extension kit).

Shipping weight: ML-12=575lbs, ML-12 Side Extension Kit =150lbs, ML-WV=40lbs

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