Drive Screw for Rear Posi-Clamp [SHORT]

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Replacement Drive Screw for Posi-Clamps. Short length. Fits all No-Mar Posi-Clamps with 1/2"-13 LEFT HAND drive thread (2014-early 2019) used on older Classic and Jr. Pro models (using a thread that is formed into the steel body).

This is the Short drive screw crew for Rear clamp ONLY on older Classic and Jr. Pro models purchased in the date range above to avoid the drive screw jamming up against the back post. Includes "Rear" decal for Posi-Clamp to make identification easier.

We recommend verifying that the threads in your Posi-Clamp body aren't stripped or worn out before purchasing replacement drive screws.

Your Posi-Clamps must have FORMED threads like those in this photo for this style drive screw to work:

Older Posi-Clamps manufactured before 2014 use an ACME drive screw which is no longer available (and have a welded nut or bushing on the steel body) and you will need to order a replacement individual or set of Posi-Clamps.

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