Tire Lube Paste [1 Pint Jar]

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Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties P/N: 0365-0079
Part Number: SP-LUBE-PINT
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Voted "The Best" Tire Mount Lubricant by Motorcycle Consumer News, November 2014!

One of our most popular products!
  • Super Slick Rubber Lubricant
  • Water Soluble
  • Dilute and use as a spray for tire removal or use directly as a paste for tire installation
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitor added so you won't corrode your rims
  • Use as a moisturizer for your inner tubes and installation of valve stems
  • Eventually absorbs into your tire
  • Stays where you put it, great texture for bead packing, not runny (thick like petroleum jelly but without petroleum additives)
  • Also works great as an o-ring lubricant
  • Cleans up with water
  • Non-Toxic, vegetable-based (soy)
  • Sold by weight, not volume. Nominal weight = 1 lb.
Use it directly as a paste for tire installation without the use of water to keep your air pressure stable in hot tires. Water expansion from conventional water & soap lubricants is the leading cause of higher hot tire pressures. Nitrogen is useless if you use water lubricants.

This product is a "Super Lube". It is the best product we can offer and takes the work out of the work.


SHELF LIFE: Stored at room temperature in a sealed container, the paste should usually last at least 12 months. Higher or lower temperatures, and/or if left uncovered will shorten the shelf life. If at the end of the shelf life the paste begins to liquify, it may still be used in a spray bottle for demounting tires. Tire paste lube is a consumable supply and is not covered under any warranty. Any "white flecks" observed in the paste are air bubbles from the filling process. If the paste is allowed to freeze it may separate. Leaving the jar of paste in the warm summer sun for a couple of hours, or microwaving it on high (with the lid off) for 10-15 seconds will allow it to be stirred back into its usual brown/beige color and consistency.

Parts Unlimited / Drag Specialties Part # 0365-0079 / SP-LP03905152

This 1-Pint jar will screw into your No-Mar Tire Changer Tool Collar (7 lb/1 Gallon Tub also available)

*** Every new No-Mar Tire Changer or Mount/Demount bar already includes a pint of our lube paste! ***

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