Cycle Hill HD Plus
*Adventure Package*
Motorcycle Tire Changer Kit

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Our Newest Mount and Balance Package for Adventure Bike Enthusiasts! Includes a Cycle Hill HD Plus Tire Changer, Wheel Balancer, and a customized accessory kit including tire spoons, a YellowThing bead keeper tool, and MOREall specially selected to make changing adventure tires a breeze. Our patented Large Balancer Cone Set rounds out the package for balancing those single-sided swingarm rear wheels!

The perfect tire changer package for Adventure Bike riders! This is the package our BMW -GS customers have been asking for!

Comes complete with:

  • Cycle Hill® CH-100 HD+ Tire Changer
  • Articulating "Swivel Tech" overhead arm to support and align your center post quickly
  • Center post with eccentric pin
  • Posi-Clamps® with both Standard and Extra Tall Spools
  • Patented Mount/Demount Bar with (2) Demount Tips
  • Tire Lube Paste [1 Pint Jar]
  • Spray Bottle for tire lube
  • ATV Bead Breaker
  • HDPE Non-Marring Bead Breaker Platen Block
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • One (1) Year Limited Warranty*
The Adventure Package adds:

  • Professional Static Wheel Balancer including:
    • 18" Precision-Ground Balancing Axle Rod
    • Standard Balancing Cone Set [.585" (15mm) to 1.22" (31mm)]
    • Large Balancing Cone Set w/threaded rod for single-sided swingarm wheels
    • Starter Kit of Wheel Weights [60 self-adhesive 5 gram weights in silver/grey color]
    • Sample 6-piece kit of our Re-Useable Spoke Weights [mix of chrome and brass]
    • Non-Marring Weight Scraper
  • YellowThing® Bead Keeper Tool
  • Pair of Pit Posse Tire Spoons
  • Valve Stem Core Wrench
  • Valve Stem Cable Tool
  • 6-Pack of Rubber Valve Stems
Our patented Posi-Clamp® non-marring wheel clamping system now include both standard size gripping spools, and our new extra tall spools which were specifically designed to work with water-cooled BMW -GS series motorcycles.

Optional Accessories:

  • Our Hitch Mount is NOW compatible with the CH100 HD model tire changer! Waist high bead breaker kit or alternative bead breaking tools required.

Product Selection Notes:

  • If you will be working on Sport Touring and/or Heavy Cruiser motorcycles (Harley, Gold Wing, etc.) we suggest adding our SpoonBars. See video
  • If all you plan on working on is Sport or Sport Touring bikes (Most BMW, Honda ST-FJR- etc), then we recommend upgrading to a Scratch-Proof Bead Breaker Tee.


*LIMITED WARRANTY applies to all structural steel, welds and hardware. Cosmetic powder coat is not covered under warranty. Plastic replaceable consumable parts (bar tips, spools, etc.) are not covered under warranty.

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