Mount / Demount Bar
for Motorcycle Tires

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The world's first, truly non-marring Mount/Demount bar with replaceable tips developed by No-Mar over 15 years ago. Our patented bar is the perfect accessory for any manual tire changer used for changing motorcycle or automotive tires without scratching your wheels! This is the one all the imitators try to copy!

No-Mar Patented Mount/Demount Bar with non marring contact points.

The best bar you will find, works perfectly with all manual tire changers (Coats, Harbor Freight, Northern Tool, etc.)

Comes with:
  • 1 Pint Jar of our special Tire Lube Paste
  • Spray bottle for Tire Lube
  • [1] spare demount tip
  • Handle
  • Instructions
Mix our included special Tire Lube Paste with water to make a lube spray to ease tire demounting; and use the paste full-strength for mounting.

Consumable non-marring mount and demount tips are replaceable by removing set screws.

Durable Powder Coat finish.***

* All No-Mar Tire Changers include our patented Mount/Demount Bar; there is no need to order one separately. See below for our exclusive upgrade discount if you decide to buy a No-Mar Tire Changer at a later date!

** Dirt bike tires: Our customer input has been very positive on this bar when used with typical style manual changers with small metal jaws.Tire spoons may still be required for most Dirt bike tires especially ones with more than one Bead Lock or narrower than 1 3/4". Order Spare Demount tips if you plan to do a lot of work. GL1800, Harley dresser and dirt bikes are tougher on the demount tips than most. Mount tips seldom wear out. Usually they never wear out even after thousands of tire changes.

*** Limited Warranty does not cover cosmetic powder coat finish, consumable plastic parts, or damage caused by improper use or modification such as bending the bar.


Receive 100% credit of your Mount/Demount Bar purchase price when upgrading to a No-Mar Tire Changer!
You must call in your order to take advantage of this discount: 888-986-6627
(Discount applies to original, registered purchasers of a No-Mar Mount/Demount Bar. Original shipping cost, taxes, etc. not included in upgrade credit.)

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