Chrome Re-Usable Motorcycle Spoke Weights 175pc Master Kit

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175pc Chrome Motorcycle Spoke Weight Master Mechanic Set
NEW 175pc Chrome Motorcycle Spoke Weight Master Mechanic Set

What a waste to have perfect chrome wheels with dull, rusty, or ugly wheel weights attached. Our precision CNC machined chrome plated brass spoke weights will eliminate the temptation to not balance your wheels because of appearance.

Unique TOP QUALITY and RE-USABLE design, will not chip, peel or rust.

Stop damaging your spokes with inferior weights!

Our unique design also allows multiple weights to be stacked on a single spoke or adjust the position along the spoke for a precise balance. Each weight has a stainless steel cup-point set screw, keeping them securely in place while making them truly re-useable. Set screw clamps to the spoke -- not the spoke nut so they work with the special outer spoke rims.

Great for:

  • BMW GS wheels
  • Harley Davidson and metric cruiser wheels
  • Super Moto wheels
  • Dual sport wheels
  • Vintage wheels
  • Rat Rod, Street Rod, and other spoked wheels

NO more hammering to install and remove weights!!! Just use the supplied Allen wrench to install and remove or adjust weights!

One complete Chrome Spoke Weight Master Mechanic Set includes:

30 ea. 1/4 oz.
30 ea. 1/2 oz.
30 ea. 3/4 oz.
25 ea. 1 oz.
30 ea. 1-1/4 oz.
30 ea. 1-1/2 oz.

7 ea. Hex Tool/Allen Wrench

All in a Plastic Divided Storage Case (May differ from photo)

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