Chrome Re-Usable *Thick* Spoke Wheel Weight 1oz [4/PC]

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The only Reusable Chrome Spoke Wheel Weights for wheels with extra thick (up to 3/8"/9.5mm) spokes! 1 oz.
Spoke Weights for THICK spokes!

Our unique design works on 3/8" (9.5mm) thick spokes and fat twisted custom spokes. Weights secure in place with a stainless steel set screw. Great for that clean look without using stick on or hammer-on weights. No hammering to install and remove weights - just use a 3/16" hex key ("Allen" wrench) to install, remove or adjust weights.

These are the only re-useable spoke weights for thick spokes in the world! Triple chrome plated (copper, nickel, chrome) brass will not rust.

This is for a 4-pack of 1.0 oz (28.3g) weights.

Note: Weights are nominal and may not be exact. Factors such as the density of the base metal, variances in the application of chrome plating, and machining tolerances will impact the final weight of each weight.

[Also available from Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties as P/N 0365-0131]

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